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The media offers us at all times financial announcements where it is possible to request a quick credit (mini credit) by phone for a vacation or to deal with an unforeseen event that you did not count on. Quick money in less than 15 minutes, with very little paperwork. And, the most attractive: without endorsement, without payroll and, even, being in some arrears register type RAI or FCIA.

Where and how to apply for a Loan over the phone?

Where and how to apply for a Loan over the phone?

A large number of financial institutions offer mini credits quickly by phone. The competition is so high that the conditions and advantages offered by both are usually without interest or with very low interest rates. But he is attentive, since the fact that there is no interest, no sign that he has no expenses.

Read the contract well before signing it to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprise.

Most offer to process in two simple ways. Online on your website or by phone.

The first thing you should do if you are thinking about asking for a quick credit by phone or internet is to choose among the large amount of financials with which you are going to work.

Know what are the amounts of money that each one offers, the requirements that they request and the time they take to answer you. We recommend doing a simulation on the financial website so that you know, before contacting them, the amounts and deadlines.

It is important if you want to make the request by phone to enter your website and see that it is possible, since, although it is usually an option offered by financial companies, some do not allow this modality.

Even if you are doing the procedure over the phone, it is normal that you should send some information through e-mail, such as a copy of your ID, your bank account or your payroll if necessary. Once all the information has been received and after the financial study is completed, you will receive a copy of the contract with the conditions you have signed and the money requested in the shortest possible time.

Procedures To Apply for Loans by Telephone

Procedures To Apply for Loans by Telephone

Among the advantages we find when making the request for quick credits by phone instead of online, is that you will have a manager that will help you make the request, which will guide you and ask you for the data you need at every moment and not leaving anything important to indicate.

In addition, many of these entities that allow you to request a mini credit by phone, offer the answer on the same call, so that when you finish the conversation you know whether they have approved or not the loan application.

Another advantage of requesting fast credits by phone is its simplicity and speed, since you simply have to make a call and answer the questions that the manager that is on the other side of the line asks you.

Although the youngest find it strange, for many older people, filling out a form on the internet is a real nuisance that, in addition to panic, causes them uneasiness, so they feel calmer if someone informs them and performs it at the same time. weather.

Not all credit institutions offer the possibility of requesting fast loans over the phone, but over the Internet, where you can find all the financial information and know the conditions and enter their simulators, thus being able to know their advantages and the loans that are most adjust to your needs.

You should compare banks and make your request to get money in a few moments and do not forget that, however interesting the loan may seem, you must be aware that you must pay it within the indicated periods so as not to incur extra expenses, since, To do so, you must respond to high penalties.

Review the conditions and the fine print of the loans of the different financial companies is the best way to get the best conditions and the product that best suits your needs.

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